Since its creation in 1997, Angelcare® has been giving reassurance and peace of mind to new parents who want to give their babies extra care.

Angelcare® produces two lines of products; baby reassurance monitors and odorless nappy disposal systems.

The collection of reassurance monitors incorporate movement, sound, video, night vision, temperature control and so much more. Parents all over the world trust Angelcare®.

If you're interested in the Angelcare range of baby monitors we explain the differences between each of the models in our Advice Centre here:

Angelcare Monitors Compared (pdf)

Alimrose Doll Audrey Dusty Rose Save 10%
Alimrose Doll Audrey 25cm

$30.95   $27.95

Alimrose Doll Bella White Save 8%
Alimrose Doll Bella 25cm

$35.95   $32.95

Alimrose Doll Beth Pink Save 9%
Alimrose Doll Beth 40cm

$52.95   $47.95

Alimrose Doll Caitlin Red Heart Save 10%
Alimrose Doll Caitlin 40cm

$57.95   $52.15

Alimrose Doll Delores Save 10%
Alimrose Doll Delores 30cm

$28.95   $25.95

Alimrose Doll Sadie Green Pansy Save 11%
Alimrose Doll Sadie 30cm

$37.95   $33.95

Alimrose Doll Stevie Save 9%
Alimrose Doll Stevie 40cm

$52.95   $47.95

Alimrose Doll Super Hero Blue Yellow Save 9%
Alimrose Doll Super Hero 45cm

$52.95   $47.95

Alimrose Hand Rattle Elephant Blue Save 9%
Alimrose Hand Rattle Elephant

$15.95   $14.50

Alimrose Hand Squeaker Lanky Bunny Pink Save 11%
Alimrose Hand Squeaker Bunny

$18.95   $16.95

Alimrose Koala Squeaker Toy Navy Stripe Save 11%
Alimrose Hand Squeaker Koala

$18.95   $16.95

Alimrose Puppy Hand Squeaker Aqua Floral Save 11%
Alimrose Hand Squeaker Puppy

$18.95   $16.95

Alimrose Donkey Squeaker Blue Floral Save 11%
Alimrose Squeaker Donkey

$18.95   $16.95

Alimrose Stick Rattle Bunny Pink White Spot Save 6%
Alimrose Stick Rattle Bunny

$15.95   $14.95

Alimrose Stick Rattle Horse Dottie Grey Save 6%
Alimrose Stick Rattle Horse

$15.95   $14.95

Angelcare Bath Support Blue Save 11%
Angelcare Bath Support

$44.95   $39.95