When BabyBjörn was started in 1961, by the founder, Björn Jakobson, who had a clear business concept: “To make life easier for families with small children by developing safe and innovative products of the highest quality for children up to three years.”

Trends have come and gone, but small children’s need for security and closeness has not changed. To date, more than 30 million children have been carried by their mothers and fathers in BABYBJÖRN baby carriers. They’ve put great faith in us, and we are incredibly proud that we have been able to contribute to bringing parents and children closer to one another – today, as much as when we first began.

Our Scandinavian roots are a constant theme of everything we do. For us, good design is always a combination of practical functionality and attractive appearance. Our fundamental commitment to safety is a consequence of the society in which we, ourselves, grew up. As is our desire to inspire fathers to get involved, right from the start, and to encourage parents to play an equal part in their child’s development.

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