Bubba Moe

There is a wonderful subliminal brilliance to baby slings; they are one of the very few products on the market that helps initiate deep bonding between a parent and their child. They are also one of the most practical, hard working, economical, 'life saving' nursery items a parent can have.

Especially handy when a new baby arrives and parents are busy chasing energetic toddlers!

The Bubba Moe Baby Sling is suitable for premmie babies' right through to approximately 3 years of age (2 - 17 kilos). With 7 different carrying positions to cater for rapidly growing bubs and their development stages.

Fully Australian made from AZO free (no insidious chemicals) super soft, light weight, aerated cotton with ample allergy free padding. Always cool & breathable, the Bubba Moe baby sling is perfect for any Australian climate.

Great for easy, discreet breastfeeding any time or any place, and wonderful for night time settling too.

A Bubba Moe baby sling is ready to use from day 1; no extras to purchase, no multitude of clips to wrangle with. The Bubba Moe baby sling is easy to use, fully adjustable, literally takes less than 30 seconds to put on.

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