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We've listened to all your questions and now we've assembled the answers to our most asked product questions and the most discussed topics in caring for your baby.

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The 7 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Pram – pdf

How to make sure you don't end up with the wrong pram :-(


Carseat Rules

The Australian Government Car Seat Information – pdf

New rules have come into effect Australia-wide. This booklet shows which type of restraint to choose and advice on fitting.

Baby.com.au car seat types – pdf

The Baby.com.au fast guide to which car seat type for your child.


Baby Monitors

Motorola Baby Monitor Comparison – pdf

There are lots of Motorola baby monitor models, so which Motorola monitor should you choose? Each Motorola baby monitor is compared here.

Angelcare Baby Monitor Comparison – pdf

Angelcare have all sorts of features including movement pads, so which Angelcare monitor should you choose? Each Angelcare baby monitor is compared here.


Baby Safety Gates

Dreambaby Safety Gates Buying Guide Comparison – pdf

Which model of Dreambaby gate should you buy for your home? We show you each gate size and how to match them up with the right extension for your application.

Lindam Safety Gates Buying Guide Comparison – pdf

Lindam make some great looking baby gates, we explain the models and how to combine them with the right extension for your home.

Caring for Baby

Remember to always seek professional medical advice if your baby has any health related issues.


Teething Suggestions – pdf

Not sure if your baby is starting to teeth or what you can try if they are? Here are some of our suggestions.



Jenkinson's Sleep Primer – pdf

A fantastic primer on understanding a baby's sleeping patterns, what is normal and tips on how to improve sleep.

SIDS N Kids Safe Sleeping – pdf

SIDS n Kids have produced a great booklet on safe sleeping which shows the risk factors and how to safely sleep your baby to avoid SIDS.

SIDS n Kids on Wrapping Babies – pdf

SIDS n Kids Information sheet on how to best wrap babies to minimise the risk of SIDS.



Tresillian Routines 0 to 6 Months – pdf

Tresillian are known worldwide for helping you get into a great sleep routine, you can even do a live in course. This shows settling techniques for 0-6 months.

Tresillian Routines 6 to 14 Months – pdf

Tresillian's guide showing settling techniques for 6-14 months.



Tresillian Baby Settling Guide – pdf

Again Tresillian has provided fantastic input on how to settle babies from 0-12 months.